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Decorate a Dining Area living with a Living Room


Decorating your home is a life dream that grows with you since you were a child. Everyone has his own decoration version, we all differ in our own touch but agree on one thing, to reach perfection in our home decoration style.
Whether the space of your home is huge or small, with a combined living room and dining area or separate from each other, there still is the unsolved question: where to begin? How to start with living room and dining area separately but still keep on unions to each other so that they act as two faces of same coin? What about colors, furniture and fabrics should we use? What will determine how the two spaces look like?

The starting point is the major challenge that irritate and need lots of thoughts, ideas and imagination. There are many questions that will jump on the surface and need to be figured out, but relax it’s not as hard as it may seem, take a long breath and a little time to make important decorating decisions that will shape the frame work of your decorating plans. You just need to create a nice visual balance of the way you would like to decorate your living room with dining area to let the two rooms flow together separately but in a complementary way in their styles and colors.

The first thing to begin with is the wall colors of the two rooms, as they usually share the same wall so the color scheme has to work with both of them. You can choose a main color on the walls that run from a room to another and add another complementary color to a shorter wall such as a wall in the dining room. The same goes with all the room accessories and fabrics, if you have the luxury of buying new one all you have to keep the flow between main and secondary colors. This lets two room looks alike but in a different way.

When it comes to lighting, for good definition of spaces you have to use different lighting arrangements. You can use a nice chandelier over the dining room and add a table and floor lamp in the living room from the same surface of the chandelier. This harmony of lighting is essential to add beauty to the rooms. Selecting home furniture is quite different; it needs more preparation and a lot of thinking in the style that flows with your taste. The internet is full of a wide variety of online specialty shops including that offer both items and information on how you can easily furnish and decorate your space, there are many tips you can use to make any spot both functional and beautiful.


Our dining room acts as a mirror of our taste, so selecting its furniture style is a very critical task to make it look stylish and elegant. You have to make many considerations regarding choosing dining room furniture to be sure you are making the right choice that keep along with your taste whether it is traditional, contemporary, casual or formal. There are different types of dining furniture available in market today namely: wooden, glass, oak, mahogany, and pine wood. There is a useful recipe you can follow that can guide your decision; there are two ways for shopping for furniture whether to go to local stores or online shopping. In both cases, you’ll find a variety of styles, materials and designs. Take a wide tour along them to be sure that your choice will match with the rest of your furniture and will compliment your dining area and your dream home decor vision.

Dining area furniture includes many items (dining room tables, dining chairs, display cabinets,..). Putting in mind the price factor, you must also pay attention to craftsmanship, warranty, usefulness and vendors reputation. Choosing the dining room table depends on many aspects like budget, taste, current home decoration and most importantly the space. Tables comes in different sizes and shapes. Modern dining furniture comes in comes in different styles and shapes, with material ranges from wooden to metal, and glass so you have wide ranges of products to make your selection. Budget is a major factor that affects your decision you can “Google it” to compare different sellers and make your calculations based on the best price you can get. Also, check delivery time, returns and customer service. Finally best of luck with your dining room furniture purchase and for ideas, please visit mysite4u.co.uk to see the vast ranges of dining room furniture ranges.

When it comes to the Dining room design, it can be designed as part of a living room or kitchen as well as an independent, separate space. Its organization depends on the space you have, size of dining table, the needs of the family, the necessary number of seats, position of the table as a standalone or attached to something, dimension and quantity of additional elements such as cabinet, chest of drawers and its relation to kitchen and living room. To have a large number of seats select modern benches – mutual or unilateral and chairs of smaller format.

Source of lighting play a vital role in designing place of dining table the more natural light entering through a glass window the more pleasant it is. Prominent lighting body of false ceiling above the central table are used to highlight the importance and elegance of the dining room. Whether it’s natural or artificial light it has to be good, as it’s an important factor of emphasizing brightness of the dining area. There is another option to have dining room with sliding walls that will create connection with other spaces without disturbance.

Finally, planning styles creates amazing decorating atmosphere that affect your mood in the area. You should select the one that relaxes you most. To achieve unity connect the color of chairs with curtains, decorative pillows, rugs…. Pattern of colors should be clear and recognizable to define the character of the decorated area.

“In short, do a ground work before you actually commit to buy furniture for your dream home”

Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room
Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room Decorate a Dining areaArea living with a Living room Room

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